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Upstate New York.

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When your friend hasn’t come out yet

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if you hold an empty gatorade bottle up to your ear you can hear the sports

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Human Spice Latte


Human Spice Latte

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today i:

-watched about half of laberinto de pasiones in my music history class which renewed my love for pedro almodóvar (and the fuckin 80s in general, as if that needed renewing) and ah fuck i want to learn everything about the movimiento madrileño
-received some lovely compliments from my photo professor about my work thus far which is super cool because i have a rudimentary knowledge about composition and lighting but i don’t technically know anything about photography
-said goodbye to my family, which is bittesweet because the past week was the longest consecutive time i have spent with my uncles, my “godmother,” and my cousin lindsey in ever but it is nice to be back to my normal routine with my host family
-bought some kind of cheap white tequila bc i can here (21 in 10 months LOL) and i took a celebratory shot and since i ate lunch forever ago I feel it a little heee tequila is the happiest of liquors :)
-am having trouble with english which hopefully means my spanish is improving ? ?
-was invited to/asked to help plan a halloween party just outside of sevilla that WILL NOT BE MOBBED BY ESTADOUNIDENSES hyfr

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